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Godaddy’s .com renewal coupons no longer active in 2014

Godaddy renewal coupons  no longer active in 2014
Update 2:
Godaddy seams to be removing systematically any coupons that provide any significant reduction, gd50bbpd5 another large reduction promo code was terminated.
.Com Domain Renewal costs : 15$ with godaddy (List price), one of the greatest prices available on the market, while competitors offer it starting $8.50

Update:Most Godaddy renewal code  including those mentioned below have now been discontinued, and a bug in the Godaddy Cart is giving the impression that something is fishy!
In reality while those codes happen to be terminated, others are still active.
Godaddy Cart is often exhibiting the greatest reduction have already been used, while in reality there's no reduction being employed at all.
Godaddy coupon

All gave back negative consequences, not an individual one gave any significant reduction, if this can be supported (we reached out for godaddy to confirm), this will mean many enormous domain holders will lose a big part of the collection in order to avoid pay 35-50% more than what they used to pay. This would also likely prompt many to alter the registrar to your more affordable one.


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